Soaking the Leather

Today, innovative technology goes hand in hand with traditional methods and allows us to produce the best range of leather possible.
The slow soaking in pits is a tanning process requiring 60 days, another reason of Gi-Elle-Emme’s reputation for excellence and quality worldwide.

1. Liming the Leather

Our hides come from central Europe and arrive at Gi-Elle-Emme after they have been flayed and cured to eliminate their water content and ensure their safe conservation during transport.

We begin our work by selecting the butts and liming them, a process that chemically removes the hair, later the butts are fleshed and prepared for tanning.
Conceria GI-ELLE-EMME - Processo produttivo: la preparazione
2. Tanning the Leather

The hides are now ready for the true tanning process that will transform them into leather. Gi-Elle-Emme employs two techniques to create its prestigious products:
  • slow tanning process in pits - the hides are soaked in a special series of pits with an increasing concentration of vegetable tannin. Usually, this process lasts 30-45 days, depending on the thickness of the hides and the desired quality;
  • rapid tanning process in drums - the hides are tanned in drums with the addition of vegetal extracts and colorants. A mechanical rotation system allows the tanning agents and colorants to penetrate deeply into the leather, obtaining a through coloured leather, but preserving its physical qualities.
Conceria GI-ELLE-EMME - Processo produttivo: la concia
3. Retanning the Leather

In the next phase, the leather is pressed to uniform its thickness.
During the retanning process, the leather is further cleansed and evened out to produce greased leather or to apply semi-transparent colouring.

During the final treatment phase, the materials are naturally dried for about one week. The procedure we’re using is slower than usually, but years of experience and passion allow us to produce high quality leather that satisfies the demand for a product of the highest quality, as it is required by the high end of the fashion industry.
Conceria GI-ELLE-EMME - Processo produttivo: la riconcia
4. Finishing the Leather

Finally, in order to fully satisfy our clients, the leather is finished, allowing the customer to choose the type of surface colouring to be applied.

We can finish leather in any colour and with any effect: from prints to colour splashes and cloud effects. That allows us to guarantee the maximum quality and versatility for our clients’ requirements.
Conceria GI-ELLE-EMME - Processo produttivo: la rifinizione

Tradition, step by step