Reduced Environmental Impact

One of Gi-Elle-Emme’s strategic objectives is to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment. In order to meet this goal, we replaced our old mechanical facilities with last-generation models to ensure the optimisation of the tanning process. Moreover, in terms of energy consumption, we began to use thermal energy and installed a photo-voltaic unit to supplement our energy supply.

We also pay attention to the environmental impact of our productive cycle. In fact, 96% of our by-products are sold and used mostly in food gelatine production and in glues and fertilizers industries.

This sub-production is today possible not only thanks to the type of products we’re using in the tanning process - such as vegetable extracts -, but also to our investment in research and development, which allowed us to utilise processes such as oxidative depilation, a procedure that does not employ sulphides. In the end a water treatment plant cleanses the water used for the tanning procedures.
Conceria Gi-Elle-Emme: impatto ambientale zero, grazie all'ottimizzazione del processo produttivo e alla depurazione delle acque.
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