30 years of passion for leather

Gi-Elle-Emme Tannery brings together the skills and master craftsmanship of three historical tanneries in Tuscany, Europe’s foremost leather production area.

We specialised in the production of sole leather slow tanned in pits, a method that not only preserves the leather’s natural aesthetic qualities, but also makes it extremely hard-wearing. Recently we have also begun to produce leather tanned and coloured in drum, to meet the high international market demand for that type of treatment.

Gi-Elle-Emme leather is mainly used by the high quality footwear industry for soles and heel coverings.

We guarantee a consistently high quality product and quick, efficient shipping for all orders to optimize all logistic flow requirements.

Our tanning process tends to favour traditional techniques, but integrates them with the use of innovative equipment to monitor each procedure. This development allowed Gi-Elle-Emme to build its reputation over the last few years becoming a reference point in the tannery sector.

The company confirmed its leadership, consolidating its position in Europe and expanding into the Far East, a market that is extremely receptive to and careful about product quality.
Conceria Gi-Elle-Emme: azienda specializzata nella produzione di cuoio per suola
  Tradition, step by step