Gi-Elle-Emme | Ecological leather certification - UNI 11427

Gi Elle Emme is the first company in the World to obtain UNI 11427 certification (confirmed by the ICEC third-party entity) and to be able to offer to its customers ecological leather.

  Gi-Elle-Emme | Ecological leather certification - UNI 11427 Gi-Elle-Emme | Ecological leather certification - UNI 11427
Gi-Elle-Emme | Ethical Code for Sport


Few references to this important project which, thanks to the dissemination of our code of behavior, through sporting companies related to us, has reached more than 1,500 students.


Gi-Elle-Emme | Open Companies - SCHEDULE

Also this year in the month of May we will open our companies to the students of the 'IT Cattaneo San Miniato and' IIS G.Ferraris - F. Brunelleschi Empoli.


The following scheduled dates:


May 17: Tannery Gi-Elle-Emme

18, May 19: Polo Chemical (Children of Guido Lapi, FGL International, Toscolapi, Finikem)

19, May 20: Lapi Gelatine



Gi-Elle-Emme | "Respect...Who?" Conclusion

"RESPECT ... WHO?"Ended Friday, April 15 with the awards at the Supercinema Lami of Santa Croce, an event that had as protagonists the 300 middle school boys first classes of Santa Croce, Staffoli, Castelfranco and Orentano.The winners of this third and final year, who have won a day at the Nature Rock structure, were the children of the classes:

-          1^ B di Staffoli, Ist. Comprensivo Cristiano Banti - 1st prize

-          1^ C di Castelfranco, Ist. Leonardo da Vinci  - Jury Prize


Excellent results were achieved in this period with the project "Respect to ... Who?" in which we have involved a total of over 800 students.

Together with our partners, Lions Club San Miniato and Empoli's Local Health Center, we are already working on drafting a new program with the intention of following up on substantial efforts to bring "education in respect for" in the middle schools.

The new project called:  Respect  Colours

                                                We paint the Life


The idea that we are developing aims, through engaging "laboratories of ART", fun and creative activities, to pursue the following objectives:


      Unleashing the creativity, the imagination, facilitating freedom of expression.


      Help to express their emotions and to share them without the fear of being judged.


      To help to appreciate the communicative meaning that each work expresses and not stop at the aesthetic sense of "beauty". Each realization, which is an abstract expression of free thought, of an emotion or it is a reproduction of a scene, a landscape, etc., always offers a starting point, a different point of view, an opportunity for reflection, and then an enrichment staff.


      To understand that the ART is everyone's heritage, a treasure to discover, preserve and respect.


      To find that every work of art has its own history. To appreciate the link to its territory and teach respect for cultural diversity.

This will also be a three-year project that will propose to turn to the middle school of Ponte a Egola and Montopoli, Fucecchio and San Miniato, Castelfranco and Santa Croce sull'Arno.


Gi-Elle-Emme | Third edition: Respect to....Who?

It is proving to be an ongoing commitment to that Group companies Lapi (Children of Guido Lapi, FGL International Toscolapi, Finikem, tannery Gi Elle Emme and Lapi Gelatine), pursue investing in training and education of young people of the territory. First dates with kids in schools will resume in September, to continue throughout the year with a schedule of commitments related to the various projects, among which there will be events organized by sports clubs which have acceded to the Code of Ethics for Sport Group Lapi.


"RISPETTO… A CHI?" is a project sponsorised by Lapi group in collaboraztion with Aul11 and Lions Club. It is directed to alumns in the district. During the various meetings they will have the opportunity to meet, discuss, exchange views and above all must work together and devise strategies to overcome "together" the fun group tests. Only through integration and the willingness to listen it will be able to reach the ultimate goal that can be measured with an actual improvement in the climate of class among the students themselves and between students and teachers. The project includes a final competition for which classes will implement the photos and a short video which represent and express their idea of "respect".


OPEN FACTORIES initiative has been welcomed by Federchimica, to promote meetings between school and work, which allows children to some high school classes to make a guided tour of the Group companies Lapi and takes place during the month of May.


CODE OF ETHICS FOR SPORT, project with the aim of spreading a positive message to experience the sport in a fair, healthy and cooperative. The sports clubs of the area who have contacts with the Group Lapi is given a "code of ethics" of conduct. 


To enrich the program of the PROGETTO GIOVANI  also underlying the initiatives undertaken in the high school ITC. Cattaneo of San Miniato:

Mario and Mario for young people: in collaboration with the foundation Mario Marianelli, the project will give the opportunity to some students - to the tanning course - to do two different types of work experience: a Stage - alternating school-training job - at some companies Group Lapi; a paid internship training at a tannery in the area.


Adopt a school for EXPO: starting from the initiative promoted by Confindustria and Federchimica will be offered to a class of students the opportunity to visit the World Expo 2015 event.


Lab coats: all students of first classes - ind. Chemical and Chemical tanning - be supplied lab coats that kids can wear during teaching laboratory.


  Gi-Elle-Emme | Third edition: Respect to....Who? Gi-Elle-Emme | Third edition: Respect to....Who?
Gi-Elle-Emme | The school in Tannery: Gi Elle Emme welcomes students with projects Group Lapi for students of the Leather district.

Last May, the tannery Gi Elle Emme ( belonging to Group Lapi) has opened its doors to students of classes I and IV to Chemical / Tanning Cattaneo Institute of San Miniato. This event could be possible thank to the Open Factories, sponsored by Federchimica. The 40 students were led by Tommaso Lapi in an explanatory path through the vision of all phases of the production process of the soleleather tannery in Ponte a Egola. He explained that keeps using traditional techniques of slow tanning in tanks reconciled with systems innovative and automated facilities, for a quality result unique.

Present at the event, besides the Chairman of the Group chemical Lapi, Francesco Lapi, the mayor of San Miniato Vittorio Gabbanini, the Director of Dott. Domenico Castiello, the President of the Consortium and the Consortium Depur Leather Tanners Michael Matteoli, the President of Leather Consortium tanned Simone Remi, who are grateful to intervene in such initiatives firmly believe in the importance of investing in these activities to stimulate and support to young people that soon will occur on the job.

Main aspects have being treated such as safety at work and environmental regulations mean that these initiatives are important and incentive for continuous comparisons and updates on issues critical to an environmentally sustainable development and particular attention to the area.

Given the success and the interest shown by the students and teachers also in the past editions, the Open Factories has become one of the annual events recurring in the program that the Group Lapi dedicated to schools. This year's event ended with the tour company of the Group operates in the food and pharmaceutical industries, Lapi Gelatine SpA, organized for the students of the SI Ferraris-Brunelleschi Empoli the 21 and 22 May next

  Gi-Elle-Emme | The school in Tannery: Gi Elle Emme welcomes students with projects Group Lapi for students of the Leather district. Gi-Elle-Emme | The school in Tannery: Gi Elle Emme welcomes students with projects Group Lapi for students of the Leather district. Gi-Elle-Emme | The school in Tannery: Gi Elle Emme welcomes students with projects Group Lapi for students of the Leather district. Gi-Elle-Emme | The school in Tannery: Gi Elle Emme welcomes students with projects Group Lapi for students of the Leather district. Gi-Elle-Emme | The school in Tannery: Gi Elle Emme welcomes students with projects Group Lapi for students of the Leather district.
Gi-Elle-Emme | Determined the winner of the project ... Rispetto a chi...?

March 11Lapi, at the headquarters of the Group Lapi, met the jury to decide the winner of the second edition of "Rispetto a  _ ... Chi?".

The commission sponsored by Francesco  Lapi  was made up of representatives of each of the Group companies, Maurizio Giani President of the Lions Club of San Miniato, Diana Cavallini Training young Lions Club of San Miniato and Alberto Silva Health Education USL 11 of Empoli.

This year the competition was attended by the thirteen first classes of the Middle School of Fucecchio (Institute Montanelli-Petrarca) and San Miniato (Institute Sacchetti).
At the end of the Project "Rispetto a  _ ... Chi?" 4 sessions of two hours each. Each class was asked to create a photo and a short video which represent and express their idea of "respect".
The award ceremony will be held Friday, April 17 in the auditorium of the Technical Institute "C. Cattaneo "of San Miniato.

More than 500 students and teachers have been involved in a program of games, activities and reflections under the leadership of our company recreational-educational-Nature Rock Books (
The integration, trust in others and the willingness to listen are the key elements for the success of the trials and the final objective that can be measured with an actual improvement in the climate of class among the students themselves and between students and teachers. The first cycle of this three-year program on the theme of Respect will end with the middle school of Santa Croce and Castelfranco di Sotto, in the school year 2015-2016.

Gi-Elle-Emme | Rispetto a.... Chi?

Saturday, May 10 at the Auditorium of San Miniato it ended with the awarding of the winning class ... "Rispetto a.... Chi?", the first of three initiatives included in Youth Project, a project aimed at young people, created and developed by the Lapi Group Companies supported once again by Lions Club of San Miniato and the AUSL 11 Empoli, Department of Health Education.

Respect, an attitude, a behavior, a way of life that makes communication and relationships with others easier. The importance of this concept has led the Group Lapi trying to spread its meaning and, in the early middle school classes of Montopoli Valdarno and Ponte a Egola (9 classes for a total of about 220 alumns), they were held 4 meetings two hours each with an expert of the Nature Rock (, a company that promotes educational play activities through the key areas of communication and collaboration.

During these meetings, the students had to solve on their own conflict situation; they had to use a high level of cooperation and collaboration to be able to carry out the proposed activities; they had to improve communication and, consequently, the quality of relationships reaching the aim of the project. To make it more interesting was also organized a contest.

Each class was asked to produce a photo and a video through which describe what they did and what most impressed them during the various meetings and their work was judged by a jury made of the organizers, that he had never participated in meetings They were able to make a judgment without any outside influence. The first prize was awarded to the class that has been expressed in a better and original.

This year's winner was the 1 ° C Institute Galileo Galilei of Montopoli.
It was also given a Jury Prize, offered by the Lions Club of San Miniato, the 1 B of the same institution for the most original photo.

Next year, the project will involve the schools of Fucecchio and San Miniato and in two years will be up to Castelfranco di Sotto and Santa Croce.

Gi-Elle-Emme | Open Factories

On 22nd and 23rd May, Conceria Gi-Elle-Emme opened the company to students. They have had the opportunity to visit the whole tannery guided by a qualified operator. He explained them main stages of the tanning process. It has being an interesting experience for both parties. Students were attracted to the tannery activity.

In addition to students there were also Mayor Vittorio Gabbanini, council member Francsco Lupi, who were satisfied of the event.

"open Companies" is only one of the activity offered by Gruppo Lapi. Furthermore, the  "Progetto Giovani” involves two main events:

  1.  “Rispetto a … chi?” cooperating with Lions Club and Ausl 11, involves about 220 students. the aim is to spread importance of RESPECT.
  2. “Torneo Gruppo Lapi”  organised with C.C. Romaiano s.r.l, a football competition. Guys will have to follow a code of conduct suggested by coordinators

With this project, dedicated to social issues, the Lapi Group have wanted to contribute to the growth of these young people by investing primarily in their training with the belief that today's kids with the right preparation will be better men tomorrow.

Gi-Elle-Emme | Meyer's Friends Club

All companies belong to  Lapi Group have chosen to share the Club“Impresa  Amica del Meyer”. This Club is not only a donation, but involves the company in a strategy for social, cultural and ethical commitments, to be shared with the local community in our area. FGL International, beside of this special commitment with Meyer Hospital, is looking to extend more social initiatives in the future.

Gi-Elle-Emme | Project for kids

All companies belong to  Lapi Group have a new project for children. It includes three stages:


1. Respect: Respect for the environment for a better future. Furthermore relatively to peer relationships but also towards citizens. In relation to good willing to have a positive attitude towards everyone and everything

2. Open Companies:  Teens will have the opportunity to have an open tour into Lapi Group companies

3. Sport: teams of children and young people with  a "code of ethics" of behavior. This year will be involved in football clubs and for the purpose it was organized the "Lapi Group Game"

Aim: Stimulating to respect others and the environment in which they live


Conceria GI.ELLE.EMME | La tradizione passo dopo passo